The Obamas and Jolie-Pitts Combat Gender Stereotypes This Christmas

10687015_917832194924306_8625246774621693672_nQueer word cloud1004552_798125803583530_339847519356708491_nSay no to  one pronoun at a time for gender non-conforming people and No to forced sterilization or reassignment surgery for transgender people and say yes to the right to privacy and to freedom of choice Gender and sexuality  shouldn’t matter, if it should what about intersex people?  gender  and sexuality are so diversified, and  that is why there is a lot of confusion between sexuality and gender and that is why we hear about gender-non conforming people or gender-variant people and transgender people, we have to say no to hetero-normative norms of gender binary that is causing transphobia, trangender people are the most vulnerable people on earth even here in United States, they are being killed on a daily basis and constantly facing police brutality or police leaving them to die in the hand of their attackers, no investigation of transphobic hate crimes or probably raping those transgender people who dare step in police stations seeking for help, these human rights violations must stop now, all of this just because their gender goes beyond male and females here is what the Obamas and The Jolie-Pitts did this Xmas to combat gender stereotypes you can do something to end that today as well:

When it comes to giving presents and dealing with family during the holidays, gender is a difficult subject to broach. Even when going to buy presents, it’s impossible not to be swept up in the hype of “girl toys” and “boy toys.” Luckily, The President, The First Lady and The Jolie-Pitts are being excellent role models for us this holiday season.

At a Toys for Tots event in early December, The President and The First Lady refused to put all the sports toys into the “boys” bin while sorting presents for children. And while there’s no mention of him putting some of the “girl” toys in the “boy” bin, at least it’s a step, right? Of course I’m certain that while some girls will be excited to OPEN a racket ball set on Christmas morning, some boys would be just as happy getting a Lisa Frank lunch box or an entire set of Disney Princess dolls. It is a good reminder, however, no matter how little that neither gender is relegated to certain types of play things and that dolls and tea sets won’t, as my parents feared, turn their child gay or into a girl.

Even more recently, news has come out — according to “sources” — that Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, who’s been a “tomboy” for years has asked to be referred to as John, wears boy’s clothing and chose to wear a tux to the premiere of Unbroken, prompting media outlets to start speculating about John’s gender nonconformity as well as applaud the Jolie-Pitts for their support of their child. And while that’s awesome and will CONTINUE to propel us forward to acceptance and tolerance —never read Twitter, though — Nico Lang, in an excellent piece for The Daily Dotpoints out that this same kind of support isn’t given to gender nonconforming adults (especially in the case of Bruce Jenner) and that while as a society we “allow kids to be kids” that this same kind of tolerance isn’t extended to adults.

…we need to have the same conversation about gender non-conforming adults. 2014 was a reminder of how much work we still have to do in when it comes to recognizing the fullness of transgender, gender non-conforming, and intersex lives. Whether it was Grantland’s Caleb Hannan outing a trans womanagainst her will, an editorial syndicated by the Chicago Sun-Times insisting that “Laverne Cox is not a woman,” or hysteria over Michael Phelps’ intersex girlfriend, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie reminded us that Bruce Jenner’s nail polish isn’t the problem. The problem is that we see anything wrong it to begin with.



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