Mob violence against a gay guy in the democratic republic of Congo Kinshasa

San Francisco-20141227-00101San Francisco-20141227-00100San Francisco-20141227-00099By Junior Mayema,

A Gay guy was brutally beaten up by some thugs who claimed that he is responsible of poverty in the african Country without any help from the police and it is very hypocritical that that very country has no law that specifically San Francisco-20141227-00098criminalize homosexuality but there are other laws that still criminalize being openly gay or samesex act between two adults consenting of samesex  here are some links about it :

and there are still bills pending in front of the congolese parliament to criminalize homosexuality being pushed  by some religious extremists member of parliament maybe they are probably being incited by religious pundits here in America who are exporting cultural of violence against gay people overseas here are some links:

the society is very hostile against LGBT people in Congo and people always get away with impunity because of state sponsored homophobia, this mean instead of being rescued by police officers when you encounter homophobic attack, they will probably join in assaulting you and probably arresting you for publicly displaying homosexuality with the law for public decency and the law for sexual offense it means two adults consenting that decide to have gay sex act are believed to be raping each other .

These are  the  pictures that i managed to save of the assault that i encountered at the police station in Cape Town  Claremont , the first picture is of that night when i went to seek assistance at the police station for  unfair discrimination that i was facing with my landlord in South Africa Cape Town, Claremont and police officers choose to abuse me instead of assisting me because i am gay  at the police station in claremont and the second picture, i just took it during the day at in front of claremont police station


The following picture is of a lesbian british woman who is originally from Congo and who went to the congo with her family for holiday without knowing it was not a holiday as she thought, it would, it was instead a trap  in order to abduct her for corrective rape by her own family members luckily she managed to get back to Britain that is why i will never go back to Congo people who love me will come here in the United States, i will not go to a country without human rights of LGBT people :


The situation is just so appalling in Africa, i fled Congo and went to South Africa to seek refuge, i ended up being beaten up even by police officers in South Africa because i am gay, i don’t even know what we can do to change things in Africa and stop the violence against LGBT people, we’re still thinking about what is the best approach here are some links and pictures about what happened :

Just watch the video to see how it is dangerous to be gay in some part of the world the freedom that some people still take for granted in other part of the world this little young gay guy was being assaulted by a group of thugs just for being gay and himself, i bet, he is suffering extreme trauma right now and need help for being taumatized

And this second video is about me talking about the homophobic assault that i encountered in South Africa by police officers that left my right arm almost broken


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