No more driver’s Licenses to transgenders and gender variant Russians( According to the Putin’s barbaric government transgender and gender non-conforming people have sex disorders)

By Junior Mayema,

According to the Putin’s Barbaric government and the tyranny (anarchy) going on there transgender people and gender non-conforming people possess a sexual disorders that forbid them to drive on Russian roads  so this is yet another use of LGBT people as pawns or scapegoats but now for road accidents in  Russia what the fuck and guess who are being all of these persecutions here we go again religious extremists and in Russians they call them Orthodox, the alliance between Russian strong thug Vladimir Putin and the Orthodox Church is flourishing and is funding right-wing political movements throughout Europe even as the Russian government attacks LGBT groups, civil society, and basic freedoms within Russia

Please have a look to this article down here to understand more how religious bigotry is reaching dangerous level in the world :

I wonder what the United Nations is doing or saying about this  otherwise we will end up thinking that they UN is also accomplice with these human rights violations that  are being committed in Russia with impunity, The United Nations Human rights Council must jump on board and even use the UN security council to protect the right of security of LGBT inhabitants of this world that are being infringed worldwide and international obligations on the fundamental human rights of LGBT people are being breached worldwide, here is just a picture about the government  sponsoring violence against LGBT people in Russia :


It seems the UN has 5 Challenges in 2015 that includes LGBT rights this is the clarification of that Challenge below :

There have been some enormous successes in the UN’s outreach efforts in the past year: the most watched UN video ever (with over 2.3 million views) is a Bollywood music video on LGBT rights that was released by UN Free and Equal, and the MyWorld 2015campaign, which asks citizens to rank pressing global priorities, has received over 7 million votes from more than 190 countries. The top priority of respondents across all country income groups, by the way,was ensuring a good education.

As the world moves toward the adoption of the new Sustainable Development Goals, outreach to civil society becomes essential. But caution is the order of the day here.

Too much outreach can induce a backlash. Governments are extremely adept at pushing back against the UN if they perceive it to be interfering in their internal affairs. They can obstruct UN investigations, as in the recent case of North Korea. They can create government-sponsored NGOs that defend the country’s human rights record, as Cubahas done. They can even block access to the UN broadcast website, as officials in Bahrain did in September 2012 during a discussion of that country’s human rights record.

Moreover, public opinion can help shape debates by pressuring governments so long as the message is simple. The MyWorld2015 campaign was adept at this. While families might want a better education, that might not translate into government support for educating girls. Whether complex matters such as a climate change agreement can be boiled down to basic talking points is an open question.

And here is the horrific and terrifying news for transgender people in Russia below :

Washington, D.C.  – Human Rights First today said that Russia’s inclusion of transgender status on the list of medical restrictions to obtaining a driver’s license and operating a motor vehicle is an alarming violation of the rights of the transgender community. On December 29, the Russian government reportedly adopted an updated list of medical contraindications to driving which includes “personality disorders” as listed by the International Classification of Diseases Number 10 (ICD-10) including being transgender, bigender, asexual, and cross dressing. The resolution, which went into effect on Tuesday, may prohibit those who have been diagnosed as transgender by a mental health professional from obtaining a driver’s license.

“Banning people from driving based on their gender identity or expression is ridiculous and just another example of the Russian regime’s methodical rollback of basic human rights for its citizens,” said Human Rights First’s Shawn Gaylord. “Beyond the denial of basic freedoms, this provision may deter transgender people from seeking mental health services for fear of receiving a diagnosis that would strip them of their right to drive, and leaves the door open for increased harassment, persecution, and discrimination of transgender people by Russian authorities. We urge the United States to immediately condemn this provision and to press the Russian government to repeal this decision.”

The resolution, which was developed by the Russian Ministry of Health, is the first of its kind to include these “personality disorders.” According to the Association of Russian Lawyers for Human Rights, the new provisions will allow authorities to deny or rescind the driver’s license of a citizen based on his or her diagnosis as transgender, bigender, asexual, or as a cross-dresser. The broad restrictions also discriminate against citizens with physical disabilities such as amputation, while failing to include exceptions for those who have prosthetic limbs or whose disabilities may not impair driving.

This provision is just the next step in the Russian government’s ongoing crack down on members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community. Since the passage of the 2013 discriminatory propaganda law, members of LGBT community have faced harassment from government officials, threats of violence, and imprisonment for peaceful public demonstrations. Human Rights First continues to urge the the Obama Administration to appoint a special envoy for the human rights of LGBT people within the State Department to stand as a statement of the U.S. commitment to the human rights of LGBT people worldwide.

For more information or to speak with Gaylord, contact Mary Elizabeth Margolis or 212-845-5269.


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