HRC Celebrates the Legacy of Civil Rights Pioneer Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and US Anti-gay group wants Supreme Court Justices to quit marriage case

By Junior Mayema,

As MLK’s day draw to an end the foremost question is ” what are you doing for others”, what are ya doing to help LGBT refugees and asylum seekers, homeless LGBT youth, the less fortunate in the LGBT community, #BlackLivesMatter and many more issues that the United States is facing as results of intense discrimination and oppression in a society that Martin Luther King dreamed that it could get better????

Let me be clear, it is not only about celebrating today black people are still being slaughtered across this country and  LGBT people are very silent about this as an oppressed minority, it is unbelievable how some LGBT people are taking their recent earned freedom for granted, some people, some religious extremists still are saying the gay rights movement is not a civil rights movement, we should show them the difference by leading the movement in combatting the murder of innocents and unarmed men in the hand of racist police officers, we must lead the way in conducting sensitivity trainings to white supremacist police officers who are being born, raised and marinated into thinking that all black people are criminals and must be shot dead, we gotta educate them that not all black people are criminals and not all black people are americans because there are immigrants , refugees and asylum seekers that might be shot dead by think they are some (black americans) criminals here is what some religious extremists are saying :

MLK: Homosexuality is a ‘problem’ with a ‘solution’

And to My African American brothers and sisters, you can’t become the oppressors and oppressing the LGBT community after being oppressed, you are now the oppressors it is as if no lesson was learnt from from the human costs of slavery in your history and it is very typical that even the South Africans have turned into oppressors persecuting fellow africans with xenophobic violence and attacks, we have to move beyond oppression and persecution and embrace diversity with unconditional love and acceptance :

Once again i urge you all to start reaching out to people who are oppressing the LGBT community and start educating them on how dangerous homophobia is and yes of course there are LGBT people in the black community, there are people who are already doing that:


The LGBTcommunity has always been and marginalized community since the beginning of time, maybe it is because of religion so we can’t take chances and start taking our freedom for granted by oppressing our own members or other vulnerable members in society, I know that some LGBT americans think that it will be over if the supreme finds same sex marriage ban unconstitutional, THIS IS NOT THE END IT S JUST THE BEGINNING OF WAR YOU HEAR ME WAR, there will be religious freedom bill to discriminate popping up all over the place, and the republicans already took over the congress and now it is only a matter of time before they to take over the white house and undo all the protections that we now enjoy under the federal law so stop dancing start helping others today here is what is happening so far please sign this petition :

Virginia’s proposed anti-gay law could mean that denying service to lesbian, gay, and bi people is perfectly legal. Doctors, teachers, and so many others could refuse to treat and teach people just because of who they love. Please vote ‘no’ on this bill. Throw it out to send a strong message that your state stands up for equality.

The American Family Association has called for two Supreme Court justices to recuse themselves from an upcoming case on same-sex marriage.

Last week, the highest court in the US announced it would review rulings on same-sex marriage bans from Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee – and a ruling could cement equality across the US.

However, the anti-gay American Family Association has called for two of the justices on the court – Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Elena Kagan – to recuse themselves from the case, as they have both performed same-sex weddings.

Justice Ginsbug – the most liberal judge on the court – has quietly officiated a number of same-sex weddings, having first done so in 2013.

Justice Kagan also officiated a same-sex union last year – for her former law clerk Mitchell Reich and his husband Patrick Pearsall.

Incredibly, the anti-gay pressure group is claiming that because the justices have performed private ceremonies, it shows they are biased in favour of equality.

AFA President Tim Wildmon said: “Both of these justices’ personal and private actions that actively endorse gay marriage clearly indicate how they would vote on same-sex marriage cases before the Supreme Court.

“Congress has directed that federal judicial officers must disqualify themselves from hearing cases in specified circumstances.

“Both Kagan and Ginsburg have not only been partial to same-sex marriage but they have also proven themselves to be activists in favour of it.

“In order to ensure the Court’s integrity and impartiality, both should recuse themselves from same-sex marriage cases.

“Congress has an obligation to Americans to see that members of the Supreme Court are held to the highest standards of integrity. The law demands it, and the people deserve it.”

However, Mr Wildmon’s claims have no discernible legal basis – similarly arbitrary claims could be made that as seven of the nine justices are themselves married to people of the opposite sex, the entire court should be recused.

And here i am urging the Human rights campaign to make MLK day an everyday day of helping others :

HRC Celebrates the Legacy of Civil Rights Pioneer Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

WASHINGTON – Today, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the nation’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) civil rights organization, is commemorating the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a remarkable leader whose tireless dedication to social justice continues to strengthen communities and impact the lives of millions of Americans.

“Today, we remember the legacy of a giant,” said HRC President Chad Griffin.  “Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s single-minded dedication to justice and equality, even in the face of hatred and violence that would ultimately take his life, guides our path and those of all Americans who fight for fairness.

“Dr. King’s words speak to us every single day, reminding us that only through committed, sincere and continued effort can we create a better America for everyone.”

In honor of Dr. King’s legacy and with the support of its members and supporters across the country, HRC is partnering with health & human service providers to support LGBT homeless youth in communities across the country. For a meaningful service experience, hundreds of volunteers will take part in a range of activities: from organizing donation drives of clothing and toiletries; to assembling care packages of travel-sized hygiene items, school supplies, and winter accessories; to minor renovation projects.

Altogether, HRC is partnering with 28 health & human service providers across 20 cities and regions. They are Medical AIDS Outreach (Alabama), Bridges – a program of Teens Empowerment Awareness and Resolutions (Alabama), Lucie’s Place (Arkansas), Lost-n-Found Youth (Atlanta), Regional AIDS Interfaith Network (Charlotte), Time Out Youth (Charlotte), Broadway Youth Center (Chicago), Lighthouse Youth Services (Cincinnati), The AIDS Taskforce of Greater Cleveland (Cleveland), Movement in Black (Cleveland), the LGBT Center of Greater Cleveland (Cleveland), GLBT Center of Colorado’s Rainbow Alley (Colorado), Kaleidoscope Youth Center (Columbus), the Montrose Grace Place (Houston), SunServe (Ft. Lauderdale), BAGLY (Massachusetts), Youth on Fire (Massachusetts), the Hetrick-Martin Institute (New York), Change Philly Today (Philadelphia), Rebel and Divine United Church of Christ (Phoenix), SMYRC (Portland), Q Center (Portland), Haven House (Raleigh), San Diego Youth Services (San Diego), Avenues for Homeless Youth (Twin Cities), The Bridge for Youth (Twin Cities), Sasha Bruce (Washington D.C.).  HRC is inviting other organizations such as businesses, schools, and places of worship to support these efforts.

For more information about these service projects, please visit


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