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By Junior Mayema,

Cultural war and violence against LGBT people are intensifying in the USA being led by the GOP party and its religious extremists, in the coming months, we will witness a lot of antigay people that were hidden in the closets coming out and publicly inciting the violence and discrimination with religious freedom to discriminate bills and laws against LGBT people but as soon the Highest court of the land struck down discrimination time will confirm that opponents of marriage equality were simply on the wrong side of history and that nobody is above the law ; one of them already said that if asked or forced to make a same sex wedding cake , he would instead poison it :

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments on whether same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry in April. A decision is expected in June, by which time the GOP presidential primary is expected to be in full swing as many candidates come off the sidelines. If the court does ultimately rule against gay marriage bans, Republican officials said, presidential contenders may gain additional support from conservatives going into the 2016 election.

“It might have an effect of pouring more energy into our base,” Iowa GOP party chair Jeff Kaufmann told The Huffington Post. Kaufmann predicted that, in the long term, Republicans would seek judicial reform “in terms of amending the Constitution.”

LGBT Rights: Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern Pushes for 3 Laws Discriminating LGBT Community

And Canadian Ted Cruz is unleashing antigay marriages cultural war in the USA instead of first repealing gay marriage law in his native country Canada, the world is changing gay marriage is already legal in many part of the USA and the sky is not falling down, the issue of interracial marriage was resolved by the Supreme Court when an issue reaches a national level of the Union the Supreme Court must step in to solve the constitutionality of that issue, so shut the fuck up you brainless bigot and here is the entire war down here :

Ted Cruz

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal said today he supports Sen. Ted Cruz’ proposed amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would enable states to continue outlawing gay marriage regardless of any future Supreme Court ruling on the issue, Talking Points Memo reports:

ABC’s “This Week’ host George Stephanopoulos asked Jindal if he backed former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee’s (R) remark that states should just ignore a Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage.

“I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. My faith teaches me that, my Christian faith teaches me that,” Jindal responded. “If the Supreme Court were to throw out our law, our constitutional amendment — I hope they wouldn’t do that — if they were to do that, I certainly will support Ted Cruz and others that are talking about making an amendment in the congress and D.C., a constitutional amendment to allow states to continue to define marriage.”

Washington Blade reported Wednesday on Cruz’ renewed call for a constitutional amendment to stop marriage equality:

“I’m a constitutionalist. From the beginning of this country, marriage has been a question of the states, and we should not have the federal government, or unelected judges, setting aside the policy judgment of the elected legislatures and imposing their own instead.”

As he announced in October, Cruz told the Blade he still intends to introduce a constitutional amendment that would prohibit judges from overturning state laws on marriage, but suggested courts already lack the authority to rule in favor of marriage equality.

“Because, as I said, I’m a constitutionalist,” Cruz said. “If a state chooses to adopt gay marriage, that’s within its constitutional authority to do so, but if it chooses not to, if it chooses traditional marriage, that is also within its constitutional purview. Part of the genius of the framers of our Constitution was allowing for the now 50 states to be laboratories of democracy, to adopt and reflect different policy choices state by state.”

Earlier today, we reported on Jindal’s prayer rally held at LSU over the weekend that featured a variety of self-proclaimed prohets, doomsday sayers, and anti-gay nuts.


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