Obama Compares ISIS To The Crusades, Receives Heavy Backlash and Anti-Gay Documentary Warns Of The ‘Criminalization Of Christianity’

By Junior Mayema,

Thank you dear Mister President Obama for clarifying about religious extremism by saying : “Lest we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ,” religious extremism is knowing no boundaries especially the american religious extremism is reaching people as far as Uganda something must be done to stop this extremism before we reach crime against humanity against LGBT people, people committed ghastly atrocities and act of violences in the name of christianity and Jesus and that includes killing people for simply being openly gay, and now they have created even a terrible documentary to support their extreme views and forget that who are we to judge? and

“Cast The First Stone” In The Bible: John 8:7

Here is the video of the documentary below :

and Here is what dear mister president Obama say about this

Desmond Tutu even said

“I Cannot Worship A Homophobic God”

Leading evangelical Jayne Ozanne comes out as gay

Published on Feb 1, 2015

““It’s not about right and wrong it’s about the gospel of Christ. For me this whole issue frankly is about understanding Scripture.”
The emergence of Ms Ozanne, a formidable force, as a campaigner for gay equality within evangelicalism comes as the Church engages in conversations on sexuality. As a former conservative now on the side of the gay Christian lobby, her coming out will stun many churchgoers


In the UK, all the stats for religiously-motivated hate crime have been moving in the wrong direction.

“Start Quote

Hate crime tends to be driven by “trigger” events”

Last week’s figures from the Community Security Trust, an expert body monitoring anti-Semitism in the UK, make grim and record-breaking reading.

Anti-Semitic incidents more than doubled to 1,168 in 2014, the highest figure since the trust began monitoring in 1984. The previous year had been the lowest on record.

There were 314 incidents in July alone – the highest ever recorded in a single month.

Hate crime tends to be driven by “trigger” events – and last summer’s trigger for anti-Semitism was the conflict in Gaza.

Jewish man wearing skull capViolence in Gaza appears to have fuelled anti-Jewish sentiment in the UK

The CST said that almost half of the offenders made reference to Gaza or Palestinians during the incidents it recorded in July and August.

It can be really difficult to identify the perpetrator. In those incidents where the victim could do so, the CST figures reveal a number of perpetrators of either a South Asian, Arab or North African appearance.

Muslim tensions

Decades ago, the British extreme far-right and fascism was the force behind anti-Semitism.

But on the face of it, the figures are now pointing to widespread anti-Jewish feelings among some Muslims in Britain.

This analysis is shared by many leading progressive Muslim thinkers.

But what these thinkers also point out is that the rise in attacks against Britain’s Jews mirrors the trend for Muslims themselves – and the two communities need to make common cause.

Police recorded 44,500 hate crimes in England and Wales during 2013-14. That was up 5% on the previous year across race, religion, sexual orientation, disability and transgender – the five key measures that feature in national figures.

Michael Adebolajo (L) and Michael AdebolaweThe killers of Lee Rigby: anti-Muslim attacks have since risen

Some of that rise has been attributed to better reporting of existing levels of hate.

But a further breakdown indicates there was a 45% jump in religiously motivated incidents to 2,300 – and that appears to have been largely down to more anti-Muslim incidents following the jihadist murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby in Woolwich.

In London, the home of the largest numbers of British Jews and Muslims, police recorded 358 anti-Semitic crimes in 2014 and 611 anti-Muslim crimes.

While the trigger for anti-Semitism comes down to haters blaming Britain’s Jews for something they don’t like about Israel, the mirror trigger for anti-Muslim crimes is yet another group of haters blaming Muslims for things that al-Qaeda inspired extremists have done.

So how do you go about tackling this stuff?

Social media

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Anti-Semitism’s (APPG) latest report calls for internet “Asbos” to ban them from using social media to spread hate.

It also wants the government to fund the security of synagogues and to review what’s being done to improve interfaith relations.

What will come of the first two remains to be seen – but on the interfaith issue, there is some hope.

Tell Mama is a Muslim hate crime initiative that is closely modelled on the Community Security Trust and is backing the APPG’s calls for social media Asbos because, quite simply, both communities are victims of hate crime.

It wants more British Muslims to recognise and speak out about anti-Semitism because it is morally objectionable to suggest that one form of hate crime is worse than another.

That view is shared by a host of individuals and small unnoticed organisations that work hard to improve understandings between the two faiths.

A fortnight ago, two leading progressive British Muslims, Sughra Ahmed of the Islamic Society of Britain and Dilwar Hussain of New Horizons in British Islam, spoke eloquently in a north London synagogue about the sorrow and pain they felt over Paris.

And – who’d have thought it – a synagogue in Bradford has evenappointed a Muslim to its ruling body.



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