California Officials Unable to Stop Anti-Gay ‘Bullet to the Head” Initiative and First openly gay pro athlete blasts Indiana’s religious freedom bill

By junior Mayema,

People might ask why there is such deadly initiative in California that is considered as safe haven for LGBT people across the USA and worldwide??? well this is not a safe haven as you may think it is, christian religious extremism is affecting all states of the United States with no exception, no state is left behind this two articles below help you understand what is is really happening:

California Officials Unable to Stop Anti-Gay ‘Bullet to the Head” Initiative

The Sodomite Suppression Act, an initiative put forth by Matthew McLaughlin, a Huntington Beach Attorney, is an egregious proposal that seeks to make it legal to execute gay people with a bullet to the head.

It is morally reprehensible. It is repugnant. It is clearly unconstitutional. And yet,California’s practice of putting any idea on the ballot if it collects enough signatures means that officials have little choice but to let it proceed.

McLaughlin paid the $200 fee and submitted the Sodomite Suppression Act to the state attorney general’s office where it will be given a ballot-worthy name, a summary of its effects, and a set period of time to collect signatures.

killthegaysIf the proposal were to collect enough signatures, it would be placed on theNovember 2016 ballot where, if approved, it would be handed over to the courts to be made law, though it is very doubtful the courts would allow it.

The proposal not only seeks to make it legal to execute gay people, but also bars gay people from holding public office and states that the written act be posted in public school classrooms in a prominent location.

McLaughlin, an extremist “Christian,” seems to have taken a page right out of ISIS’ playbookfor this one.

fred phelpsTo be clear, this proposal will never become law. But I’ve said it before and I will say it again here: How is this guy still not disbarred when he is clearly a threat to the safety of LGBT citizens in California?

If I lived in Huntington Beach, I would not feel safe knowing that there is an extremist living nearby who has made it public knowledge that he wants to shoot me in the head.

I would not feel safe knowing that I could be sharing the street with someone who has basically said, “I would murder you if I could get away with it.”

At what point does the state of California recognize him as a threat, and what will it take to have him disbarred?

We will wait and see, but meanwhile, I hope someone is keeping an eye on Matthew McLaughlin. He’s clearly not right in the head.

H/T: Los Angeles Times

John Paul Brammer
John Paul Brammer is a Contributing Editor at BNR. His writing on LGBT and Latino issues has appeared in The Advocate and Huffington Post. Find him on twitter.
and here is another article :

First openly gay pro athlete blasts Indiana’s religious freedom bill


Indiana governor signs religious freedom bill

Mike Pence, Indiana, Republican Party, gay news, Washington Blade





Hours after an Indiana House vote paved the way forthe controversial bill, a prominent former athlete and openly gay man has taken to Twitter to question the bill’s effects.

Jason Collins publicly came out as gay after the 2013 NBA season. His declaration made him the first openly gay athlete in the four major North American sports leagues. He played for 13 seasons in the NBA for multiple teams, including the New Jersey Nets. Collins will be in Indianapolis as a Yahoo Sports analyst covering the NCAA Final Four.

The bill, which would allow business owners in Indiana to deny service to same-sex couples for religious reasons, has not yet been signed into law. However, the Indiana Senate has indicated it will concur with the House version later this week. Gov. Mike Pence has also stated that he will sign the bill once it crosses his desk.


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