Government must answer for xenophobic attacks

The South African government must be held accountable for crime against humanity, why foreigners are only people from other africans countries but not people from Europe or other rich continents???? well here we go again POVERTY, LACK OF SERVICE DELIVERY, CORRUPTION of the SA government is behind this and must be held accountable and NOW .

united front

7 April 2015

“Government’s failure to address poverty, unemployment and social ills and recognise the problem of xenophobia is the real cause of violence against foreigners”

Ubunye bama Hostela Nezakhiwo Zawo (UbHNZ) calls for calm in the wake of the recent xenophobic attacks against foreigners across Durban and strongly condemns the violence, damage to property and loss of livelihoods – particularly to women and children who have been affected.

As UbHNZ we state that if King Goodwill Zwelithini, as father of the Zulu nation sees something wrong with his children – the Zulu people – he must be allowed to raise these issues. We must also respect the freedom of speech enshrined in our Constitution. But we need to listen carefully to what the King said, understand the meaning behind his words and not use them as an excuse…

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