How Republican Presidential Hopefuls Are Justifying Anti-Gay Discrimination

Please LGBT americans and our straights allies don’t vote for the republicans in 2016 or else you will lose all the freedom that you now almost have and re-start the struggle for equal rights all over again BE WARNED.

Hispanic Political Caucus

Refusing service to a same-sex couple isn’t discrimination because it’s not an act against people.

Despite the backlash after Indiana and Arkansas tried to pass laws designed to allow for discrimination against LGBT people, conservatives are still peddling the same talking point that “religious freedom” must be protected — e.g. that refusing to serve a same-sex couple’s wedding is justified for a business owner who opposes same-sex marriage. And it’s a talking point that presidential hopefuls are amplifying.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), having just tossed his hat into the presidential ring, offered arambling answer to NPR this week in support of these “license to discriminate” provisions that demonstrates how this anti-LGBT discrimination is spun. “I think there’s a difference between not providing services to a person because of their identity, who they are or who they love, and saying, I’m not going to participate in an event, a…

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