How to aid LGBTI people in earthquake-devastated Nepal


Sunil Pant (Photo courtesy of Sunil Pant (Photo courtesy of

In the wake of the massive earthquake in Nepal, activist Sunil Pant sent the following message on behalf of Blue Diamond Society, Nepal.

In addition, the St. Paul’s Foundation for International Reconciliation is collecting United States tax-deductible donations that will be sent to the Blue Diamond Society. To donate, visit the foundation’s donation page and select “Nepal” from the drop-down menu under “Donated For.”:

Blue Diamond Society (BDS) is the lifeline for more than 200,000 LGBTI members and more and more LGBTIs, as always, are reaching to BDS for help. Our massive responsibilities now increase to provide rescue, relief and rehabilitation to all LGBTIs that are in now need, due to this earthquake. As communication is improving in Nepal we are hearing of more and more cases of “casualties, injured, missing LGBTIs or their homes have been  destroyed” coming to us.

At this difficult…

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