Kenya Politician Bashes Gays

Shame, Shame, Shame on those african leaders who continue to crack down on LGBT people. When government has a say in how consenting adults may behave in the privacy of their bedrooms, it has too much power over its citizen’s choices. Government’s job should be governing economies and policies and environments, not ruling people or policing morality.

Kenya FlagOn May 4, 2015 Al Jazera reported: Anti-gay remarks by Kenya’s William Ruto may win him public support but will likely put him at odds with Western donors

Kenya’s deputy president has said there is “no room” for homosexuality in the country’s society, the latest comments from an African government to anger activists and likely annoy Western donors.

William Ruto made the remarks at a church service Sunday, as U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry arrived for talks. The United States has been at the forefront of calls for gay rights in Africa and criticizes anti-gay laws on the continent.

“The Republic of Kenya is a republic that worships God. We have no room for gays,” Ruto told a Nairobi church congregation in Swahili, according to an online video posted by Kenyan broadcaster KTN.

Speaking to Reuters on Monday, Ruto’s spokesman Emmanuel Talam confirmed the deputy president’s remarks, adding: “The…

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