1000s who died in anti-gay, anti-trans attacks (updates)

The murder toll keeps rising. Two more deaths recorded by Patricia Marie Budd, who is updating the tragic listing of anti-LGBTI murders on the Erasing 76 Crimes blog. (http://bit.ly/1000murders)

1. Yosvani Munzo Rabonia, 24, Pinar del Rio, Cuba. April 26, 2015.
In Cuba, Yosvani Munzo Rabonia (a transgendered woman) was stoned to death by a gang of teenagers. The murder is being debated as a potential hate crime in a nation with a prominent national campaign in favor of freedom from discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. The stone that killed Yasvani had hit her spleen, causing it to explode. According to Yosvani’s mother (who referred to Yosvani as her son), she was killed by “a group of young boys who had nothing better to do than hurt people that never messed with anyone.”





2. Almaroof Bijli, 30, Islamabad, Pakistan. May 5, 2015.

Ten days after transgender woman Almaroof Bijli was reported missing, her mutilated body was found in Islamabad. Alhough the police are hesitant to declare Bijli’s death a murder, the horrendous condition of her body left little doubt in the minds of her family. One news site reported that Bijli was strangled (http://www.dawn.com/news/1181248), another said she was mutilated and burned (http://www.advocate.com/…/four-pakistani-trans-women-myster…) while a third referred to her body as being “decomposed” (http://livemedia.pk/three-transgenders-killed-in-armed-att…/). The death is being discussed as the result of a potential hate crime, especially since three other trans women were killed elsewhere in Pakistan within days of her death. ‪#‎pmb‬

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1000s who died in anti-gay, anti-trans attacks (updates).

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