Ireland now has a better transgender identity law than most of the world

Congrats Ireland for being a beacon of light for LGBT Rights in this world of homophobia and transphobia now it is about time to enforce the laws and hold the violators of these laws accountable, It is shameful that the USA is now lagging behind on marriage equality, transgender rights and more even though there is now visibility of even trans celebrities.


Ireland just went from not legally recognizing transgender people to now having one of the best trans identity laws in the world.

Two weeks ago, the nation made history when it became the first country in the world to approve gay marriage by a popular vote.

This week Ireland made history again by allowing transgender people over the age of 18 to self-declare their gender on legal documents solely based on their self-determination, and without any medical intervention.

“A person who transitions gender will have their preferred gender fully recognized by the State for all purposes – including the right to marry or enter a civil partnership in the preferred gender and the right to a new birth certificate,” said Joan Burton, Ireland’s Minister for Social Protection, after the Cabinet approved the new legislation Wednesday evening.

Trans people…

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