In Germany: Lay Catholics, Theologian, New Archbishop All Speak Out Favorably for Lesbian and Gay Couples

Bondings 2.0

Germany is fast becoming the main focal point for theological discussion on lesbian/gay relationships, as well as other marriage and family issues, as the universal church prepares for the synod on these topics at the Vatican in October of this year.

In May,  the Central Committee of German Catholics, the largest lay Catholic association in the country issued a position paper at their national meeting in which they called for the Church to bless same-sex partnerships and re-married divorcees.   [If you can read German, you can view the entire document by clicking here.]

Cardinal Reinhard Marx

The Tablet’s report of this news noted that the Committee was rebuked, surprisingly, by Cardinal Reinhard Marx of Munich, who as last year’s synod and on several occasions since then, has himself called for greater openness towards lesbian and gay relationships. The Tablet stated:

“In his response Cardinal Marx said that the paper contained…

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