Human Rights Campaign honors World Refugee Day

By Junior Mayema,

LGBT refugees, asylees and asylum seekers in the United states are facing many challenges, i am talking about my personal experience in San Francisco and the experience of some of my friends who are still asylum seekers, because LGBT asylum seekers can’t work they face exploitation and infringement to right to privacy by some LGBT americans who pretend to help them but the true of the matter is  it is not help at all, IT IS EXPLOITATION AND INFRINGEMENT TO RIGHT TO PRIVACY, some of them are held in detention centre while they wait for the paperworks to be done for them by sometime Pro-bono lawyers in order to allow them to finally be free, there is complete disconnection between LGBT centers and resettlement agencies here in America, it is making it hard for LGBT refugees and asylum seekers to integrate the society because those LGBT americans who host them think that they are tourist or exchanges students or have a lot of money and when they cant meet that expectations, they kick them out, there is a great need of sensitivity training to LGBT americans about the plight of LGBT refugees and Asylum seekers which should and must be the job of an organization such as Human Rights Campaign to conduct that training, there  must be job placement and housing facilities for LGBT refugees and Asylees and financial support for LGBT asylum seekers who don’t have work permit here is an article below on how the Human rights Campaign pretend to honor refugee day while some LGBT americans are dishonoring LGBT refugees, asylees and asylum seekers :

HRC Honors World Refugee Day

Each year on June 20, people and organizations around the world honor World Refugee Day. According to The United Nations Refugee Agency, there are currently 52.2 million people who have been forcibly displaced due to war, conflict, persecution or other extenuating circumstances. World Refugee Day aims to raise awareness and educate the general public on who refugees and asylees are, why they have fled their home countries and what they are able to contribute to new and welcoming communities.

This year, the LGBTI Caucus of the Refugee Congress will gather at the Human Rights Campaign’s offices in Washington, D.C., on June 18 to facilitate a conversation about the challenges many LGBT refugees and asylees face and what government agencies, NGOs and society at large can do to help alleviate these struggles.

Civil society leaders, government agencies, refugees and asylum seeker will gather for four panel discussions to discuss, “LGBTI Refugees and Asylum Seekers Struggle for Integration.”

While the U.S. government initiated the “Heartland Alliance Welcome Project” to better sensitize and educate refugee resettlement agencies on how to work with LGBT clients, this service is underutilized, as many fear revealing their status as LGBT. In addition to being forced to flee their home countries, LGBT refugees and asylees often face discrimination from other members of their ethnic community here in the U.S. Ultimately, the fear of continued discrimination can prevent refugees and asylees from receiving appropriate guidance or assistance, which would make their transition to life in the U.S. more successful.

The Caucus hopes that these panel discussions will help begin a much needed dialogue between LGBT refugees and asylees and U.S. LGBT organizations and communities, particularly those working to address the persecution of LGBT individuals at the international level. HRC is proud to be a partner with the Caucus on this event and to contribute to this important and timely conversation.

The event will take place from 9:30 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. on June 18. A full agenda for the day can be found here.  Please RSVP to no later than June 17 if you plan to attend.


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