Gay cholo mural gets defaced in San Francisco after online threats


For the past three decades, the corner of 24th and Bryant in San Francisco’s Mission district has hosted murals that explore issues that face the historically Latino neighborhood. Past works of art have addressed police brutality, gentrification, and the quality of local schools.

But it’s the latest mural, which depicts gay, lesbian, and transgender “cholos,” that has the gallery behind the mural fearing for the safety of the artist and his supporters.

[img attachment=”151887″ caption=”‘Por Vida’ is a work by Manuel Paul of the Los Angeles-based Maricón Collective.” credit=”Maricon Collective” size=”full” align=”alignnone” linkto=”none” alt=””Por”]

The mural was officially unveiled on Saturday. By Tuesday morning it had been defaced with blue and red spray paint. Images of two Latina women gazing into each other’s eyes and a male couple were each defaced. A trans man with surgery scars at the center of the billboard was left untouched, though the words “Por…

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