As people march for Pride, here are 6 things LGBT activists are still fighting for

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LGBT members and supporters arrive at Baker street to march in London for the annual Gay Pride Parade. Featuring: LGBT supporters Where: Surrey, United Kingdom When: 27 Jun 2015 Credit: Euan Cherry/ Women marching at Pride in London (Picture: Wenn)

Same-sex marriage may have become legal last year, but there is still a long way to go for LGBT people.

1. Homophobic crimes have actually gone up in the past year

According to figures released last November by the police, the number of homophobic crimes had gone up by over 20 percent from 2013 in Greater Manchester, South Wales and others. Homophobic crimes have also been increasing every year since 2006 in Northern Ireland. In London alone, 1,073 homophobic attacks were reported between last January and October.

2. So have transphobic crimes

In December, the Metropolitan Police released figures showing that transphobic hate crimes had gone up by 44 percent between 2013 and 2014. Ten other police forces reported a rise in hate crimes against trans people, and it is thought that the real figures could be much higher as most of the crimes aren’t…

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