Nigeria criticizes U.N. for seeking end to LGBTI repression


The body of Delon Melville and the bushes where his body was found (Photo courtesy of Kaieteur News) Murder victim Delon Melville — one of 1,000s — and the bushes where his body was found. Click the image for a list of some recent homophobic and transphobic murders.

The hate-crime murders of thousands of LGBTI people worldwide aren’t enough to convince Nigerian officials or their anti-gay American supporters that tolerance for sexual minorities is a good idea.

Nigeria claims that an appeal by the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights for recognition of the human rights of LGBTI people is an infringement on democratic values, religious freedom, and cultural standards in support of families.

In a law enacted early last year, Nigeria prohibits same-sex marriages, denies the right of association and advocacy to gay Nigerians, and provides for 10 years in prison for any “public show of same-sex amorous relationship.”

In May, the High Commissioner mentioned Nigeria along with several other nations in an annual report on repression…

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