Video : Creating Housing facilities, employments and integration of LGBT refugees and asylum seekers

By Junior Mayema

The LGBT Community has become complacent in many so-called western gay friendly countries, they  have become complacent to struggle of LGBT people who are fleeing countries where they want them dead for simply being who they are and loving who they love,  The LGBT community in western countries forget that we are all citizens of the world and they forget what can happen to them if they choose to relocate in Russia or go there for honeymoon, it is just like black south africans who are paying forward apartheid that oppressed them to xenophobic violence against Africans from African countries that granted their freedom fighters asylum, it is just so sad that most of time people tend not to learn a good lesson from history and so sadly it turns out to retaliation against their own or people from their own community please check out this important video below :


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