Gay Man Says NYPD Shouted Anti-gay Slurs, Beat Him, and Threatened to Kill His Dog Over Noise Complaint: VIDEO

This is in New York, this cruelty can happen in Amesterdam, Netherlands, In San Francisco, in London, in Toronto and in many other so-called gay friendly cities of the world.
These officers must be suspended and fired IMMEDIATELY, i have no mercy for officers’ misconduct as a victim of police brutality while i was in South Africa .


A gay man in Staten Island says he plans to sue the NYPD in federal court for civil rights violations after cops beat him outside his front yard while shouting anti-gay slurs during a confrontation last month.

policeLouis Falcone, 31, told the New York Daily News how police arrived at his home on June 19 to investigate a noise complaint involving him and his brother. Things quickly turned sour, however, as Falcone said cops threatened to kill his dog and proceeded to throw him against the concrete in front of his house. He said cops called him a ?fag? and ?faggot? during the ensuing pin-down and stepped on his foot, which had a boot on it and was recovering from a recent surgery.

Falcone added that while he was on the ground, he had mud and blood in his mouth and heard one officer tell the others: ‘Don’t let it get on you, he probably has…

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