Gambia: President Yahya Jammeh Affirms that Gay or Homosexualism is Unacceptable in this Country as Long as He Lives

Homophobia that is reaching dangerous level in Africa was not like this before, the laws were not enforced to harm gay people like it is nowadays . Americans rightwing evangelist are one of the main cause of this American Evangelicalism Is Fueling Homophobia Abroad—So Why Isn’t Obama Speaking Out Against It?

Gays Without Borders


Gambia’s President Praises Sharia, Slams Gays, Vanrozenheim, Gay Republic Daily
(Gambia) – President Yahya Jammeh has called on the Islamic Ummah to be steadfast, bold and united in the spirit of Islam to condemn any form of attack on the Islamic religion. The Gambian leader, said “if you call yourself a Muslim, and believe in the supremacy of the Almighty Allah, while labelling Sharia as a bad law, then you are bound to go to hell,” noting that Sharia law is the law of the Almighty God. According to him, Western kind of democracy will not be accepted in Gambia, noting that being Gay is unacceptable in this country as long as he lives.

Jammeh Calls for Islamic Solidarity, Ousman Darboe, The Daily Observer (Banjul)
“Jammeh then said the Muslim ummah is the richest in the world, but the poorest of the poor are found among the Muslims, because we…

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