Gambian president’s nephew faces execution for supporting gay rights

By Junior Mayema

Homophobia that is reaching dangerous level in Africa was not like this before, the laws were not enforced to harm gay people like it is nowadays . Americans rightwing evangelist are one of the main cause of this American Evangelicalism Is Fueling Homophobia Abroad—So Why Isn’t Obama Speaking Out Against It?

Here is the story below :

Gambian president’s nephew faces execution for supporting gay rights

He left Gambia for California, and learned LGBTI people deserve equality along the way

Gambian president’s nephew faces execution for supporting gay rights

07 August 2015

Growing up in the Gambia, Alagie Jammeh was told that LGBTI people are ‘terrible, evil and should be condemned’.

And he continued to think that, until he ended up as an international student at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and lived with a gay roommate.

His feelings changed, now supports LGBTI equality and believes that people should not be punished for who they love or who they are.

‘No one should be denied their fundamental basic human rights because of their sexuality,’ the 25-year-old posted on Facebook in September 2014. But just two months later, he found his world had crumbled around him.

His uncle, the President of Gambia Yahya Jammeh, is threatening him with life imprisonment or execution if he ever chooses to return home.

‘Earlier this year, I showed open support on Facebook for LGBTQ people, who I have come to love and respect dearly,’ Jammeh said.

‘Due to this, the scholarship I received to attend UCSB from my home country was revoked, and I was told by the government of the Republic of the Gambia, that if I returned I would face life in prison.

‘Since then, my mother has had to leave the country, I have been alienated by my home government, family and friends, and have suffered financial burdens- leaving me in debt to my University, unstable food sources and housing, and daily stress, anxiety and depression from losing everything I hold dear.’

While his university has given him some support, Jammeh says he wants to still complete his global studies major. He wants to be able to afford the tuition so he is not sent home to be imprisoned or killed, so he has set up a GoFundMe page. In the mean time, he has put in an asylum claim.

He says: ‘Living in the United States, I am not scared to do what I know is right. But what awaits me in my home country is shame and persecution. Even though I have been suffering, I still have my freedom. I want to express myself without fear of losing my life.

‘I realize that my actions were punished by those who do not understand, are frightened of what they do not understand, and will likely never understand the importance of freedom, unbiased education, and embracing people for who they are.’

The Gambian president considers the ‘world is doomed’ because of gay people. In 2014, he signed a law that jailed anyone convicted of homosexuality to life in prison.

He has claimed you can ‘cure’ AIDS with herbs and bananas and has previously referred to gay people as ‘vermin’, ‘anti-God’, and ‘anti-human’. During a 2013 speech at the UN, he described homosexuality as the ‘biggest threat to human existence’.


One thought on “Gambian president’s nephew faces execution for supporting gay rights

  1. I wonder what the State Department is doing to make sure he is safe and not deported back to where he is facing execution; I have spoken about this issue so many times, the services must be available in the USA for activists who have made it here, Alegie Jammeh can work in the diaspora to change things in his ocuntry


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