Gay men will be included among Syrian refugees accepted into Canada

Ottawa Citizen

Gay men will be among the Syrian refugees the government is willing to bring to Canada under a plan that will primarily welcome only women, children and families.

Security concerns over extremists potentially slipping in to Canada mean the Liberal government will likely exclude unaccompanied males from its planned resettlement of 25,000 refugees by Dec. 31.

But the government is aware that gay men escaping violence in the region could be persecuted, and therefore plans to include them in the selection process aimed at rescuing some of the region’s most vulnerable refugees.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Minister John McCallum was to release details of the ambitious election promise Tuesday.

In a statement Monday, NDP Leader Tom Mulcair worried about a sweeping ban on lone male refugee claimants.

“While security concerns remain of vital importance, will a young man, who lost both parents, be excluded from the refugee program?” Mulcair asked.

“Will a widower who is fleeing Daesh (another name for…

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